Why and how did Griffin rob the Vicar's house?


Griffin had the thought of robbing Vicar’s house to get some money so that he could survive and pay his bills. To avoid detection and being caught, Griffin got rid of his bandages and clothes and went to the Vicar’s house. He was aware that the Vicar kept his money in his desk in the study. Griffin entered through the back door of the Vicar’s house and straight away went to the Vicar’s bedroom to check if the Vicar and his wife were asleep. To ensure his safety, he checked the other room too. Unfortunately, the Vicar’s wife heard the bedroom door open and close and then the padding sound of footsteps from the adjoining dressing room. Without having any idea about that, Griffin went downstairs into the study. He found and collected the money and slipped out through the back door even before the Vicar could understand what had happened.