Describe how Silas Marner is betrayed by his friend, William Dane.


Silas was a respected member of a church at Lantern Yard in a city to the north. He had a friend named William Dane and he was engaged to marry a serving girl named Sarah.  His friend, William Dane was shrewd in comparison to him. He started getting closer to Sarah and developed an intimacy with her. One night, when Senior Deacon, who was a childless man, fell ill, Silas had to share his night watch turn with William. During Silas' watch, a bag of money disappears from a drawer by the deacon's bed. Silas' knife is found in the drawer, but Silas swears he is innocent and asks that his room be searched. The empty bag is found there by William Dane. Then Silas remembers that he last used the knife to cut a strap for William, but he says nothing to the others. Guilty Silas could see through the treachery of William. He understood that William was the real culprit. Later, he got to know that William had married Sarah.