Last week the newly built auditorium of your school was inaugurated. As Deepak/Deepti Saha, the head boy/girl of the school, write a factual description of the auditorium in 125‒150 words.


                         THE NEW SCHOOL AUDITORIUM
By Deepika Saha                                     

Our school organized the inauguration ceremony of the new built school auditorium last week on 2nd March. Mrs. Abha Sharma, Director, Imperial College of Education was the chief guest of the occasion. The auditorium is very spacious and well-ventilated. It is designed to accommodate four thousand people at a time. It is a beautiful hexagonal structure with a main hall, ante-chambers, projection rooms, elevated stage with green rooms on either side. Special care has been taken to build the stage of the auditorium. The lighting system, which includes dramatic lights, spot lights, etc., and the digital sound system have been installed by a leading brand.