Sophie lives in a world full of dreams which she does not know she cannot realise. Comment.


Sophie is a school going girl. She lives in a dreamy world which has distant relation with the harsh realities of life. She dreams of big and beautiful things beyond her reach or her means. She thinks of having a boutique. Then she entertains the idea of being an actress. She can be a fashion designer too. Here she is poles apart from her classmate and friend Jansie. Jansie is realistic and practical. She knows that both of them have been earmarked for the biscuit factory.

Sophie's romantic and dreamy disposition leads her to hero-worship. The hero of her dreams is the young Irish wonder-footballer Danny Casey. She has developed a romantic fascination for him. Even Geoff cautions her that Casey is a celebrity. Many girls like her must run after him. But she is an incurable dreamer. She thinks of him all the time. She sits for hours imagining Danny Casey coming to her. She knows that he will never come. She becomes sad but helpless. She lives with all her dreams and disappointments. They are not real. They are all the creations of her mind.