Everybody during the last lesson is filled with regret. Comment. (The Last Lesson)


Everything was unusual about the day when an order was released from Berlin instructing that only German was supposed to be taught in all schools of Alsace and Lorraine. This news caused great disappointment to M. Hamel, his students and the villagers. That day, the villagers, as well as the students, realized the importance of their national language. For the first time, they felt sorry for taking Hamel’s classes leniently.

The villagers had ignored the classes because they had been engrossed in their professional lives and in making a living Before the declaration of the order, the children and the adults had not taken the French lessons seriously because they thought they had a lot of time to learn the language. However, today during the last French lesson they realised their mistake and regretted what they had done. They felt shameful realising that they were not well versed in their own native language. Accordingly, everybody attended the last lesson with full sincerity and earnestness to pay tribute to their own language which, unfortunately, was no longer theirs.