Dr. Sadao faced a dilemma. Should he use his surgical skills to save the life of a wounded person or hand an escaped American P.O.W. over to the Japanese police? How did he resolve this clash of values?


Dr. Sadao was in a position of trust. The predicament had put before him conflicting values. He faced the dilemma; whether he should he fulfil his duty as a doctor or his duty as a true nationalist, a loyal patriot. Dr. Sadao had spent a couple of years in America while he was a student of surgery. At that time, he went through racial prejudices and bias. He struggled with the issues of duty, wartime medicine and racism. Ultimately, he preferred to save the life of the enemy risking his own.

He stood up for his beliefs without thinking about the repercussions and chose humanity over nationality. He took the soldier in, provided him shelter- operated upon him and takes utmost care of him. Not only that, he helps the American to escape.