Some people feel that electronic media (TV news) will bring about the end of print media (newspapers). What are your views on the issue? Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against this view.
* Use of visuals on TV
* Authentic and fast
* Not enough news for 24-hour telecast
* May fabricate news
* Become repetitive and dull
* Even scandals become news
* Print media - time tested
* Analysed, verified news
* Editorial comments
* Cater to all interests


Good morning everyone. Today, I take the opportunity to express my argument against the motion on the belief that electronic media (TV news) will bring about the end of print media (newspapers).

TV news that strives towards authentic and fast reportage is always at the risk of fabricating its content to continue being in circulation. The governing principle for the 24-hours news format is that whether or not a news constitutes the element of worthiness, it should be covered on the channel. If there is nothing worth reporting then the content can be made sensational just to gain currency. It tends to become repetitive and dull, scandals are allowed to become news and popularity becomes the main objective. The ambition of TV news to be the sole guardian of objective truth in the field of journalism can be considered to be a tall claim as more often than not it becomes a site for promotion of commercial products and sensational content in the garb of news. Print media is a time-tested medium of information dissemination, the time is taken to publish engenders that the content of the report has been analysed and verified to offer a composite picture to the reader. Editorial commentary ensures an informed view on the issues at hand. Newspapers are far from extinction; they are still a tried and time-tested mode of receiving the world at our doorstep. Thus, electronic media can never overrule print media.

Thank you.