How did the question paper and the correction slip help the prisoner and the Governor?


Evans was a mastermind. Thrice he had escaped from the prison. His appearing in O-level German examination was just a part of his plan. The German teacher was his own man. Evans’ had bound and gagged Mc Leery, a parson from St. Mary in his study. Evans’ man impersonated him. He had come there to provide him with necessary information for his escape. He asked Evans to write his index number - 313 and centre number - 271. The photo copied sheet had been cleverly superimposed over the last page of the question paper. It read “From Enfield way drive to Neugraben”. The six figure reference 313/271 helped Evans to escape. Evans had left the question paper behind. It also helped the Governor in locating Evans in the Middle of Chipping Norton.

There was a correction slip. It was not placed in the exam package. The man who impersonated Me Leery made Evans to make the necessary corrections. It provided the name of the hotel ‘The Golden Lion’ for Evans and the exact time the Exam, started. Evans stayed in the cell. Later on he ran away from the net of the police. The slip helped the Governor in reaching the hotel.