What kind of person was the Governor of the prison in ‘Evan Tries an-O-Level?’ Mention any four lapses in his arrangement for Evans’ O-Level exam, that helped Evans escape.


What loopholes in the Governor’s arrangement helped Evans escape from the prison?


Specify a few details about the escape of Evans from the jail.


The Governor of the Oxford Prison was a man of over cautious nature. He was a gullible person. He easily believed anyone. He tries all his best and thereby takes different precautions to avoid Evan’s escape. His over confidence and foolishness proves no match for the wily and crafty Evans. On the examination day, a tight security arrangement was made in his cell. Even the Governor himself was in touch with every activity going on there. Objectionable items like nail-scissors, razer and other items were removed from Evan’s room.

After studying the story we can note than the identity of the German teacher was never verified by any one. Even the identity of the McLerry was not checked while coming and going out of the prison.

At the Golden Lions Hotel, the Governor succeeded in nabbing Evans but the Governor failed to act smartly. He only called the local police and the van. Here the men of Evan’s impersonated as police officers and helped Evan’s escape. The Governor should have asked for his own officials and the van. He left Evans to his fate. And the luck favoured him. Actually the Governor provided him ample opportunities to escape.