Narrate briefly the incident that happened after Stephens had seen McLeery off the jail premises.


The examination was over and as per instructions, Stephens had accompanied McLeery to the main prison gate. He was in a relaxed mood as there had passed everything very smoothly. He thought to visit to the canteen for a cup of tea. But before he could sip a cup of tea, it came to his mind to just have a look at Evans. So he proceeded towards his cell and opened the peep hole. To his utmost dismay and perplexion, he was shocked to see the inside scene. There he saw a man fallen back in the chair of Evans. The blood was dripping from the front portion of his head. It was oozing from his black beard. It was spreading over his little dog white collar.

There slipped a grey blanket from his shoulders. Stephens was deeply troubled and cried “Oh, Chist, No!” He at once cried wildly for Jackson and raised an alarm. When Jackson arrived, he at once sent Stephens to ring the police and the ambulance. But immediately McLeery said “Do not worry about the ambulance. I am all right. Get the police. I know where he has gone.” But in reality it was Evans who was impersonating McLeery and trying to put the officials on the wrong track.