What makes one guess that the prison authorities were responsible for the escape of Evans?


From the very beginning to the end of the play, there are so many lacunas and laxities on the part of the prison authorities that made the escape of Evans. Adequate measures were adopted to prevent Evans' escape but there remained certain facts that were totally unheeded. When McLeery came for invigilation. His identity was never checked except signing in the visitors' book. Already the police officers were asked to search the room of Evans and they ensured complete availability of any unauthorised items, how Evans managed to conceal beard, dog collar, a pair of spectacles and other clerical things in his cell? Apart from that he had got some sort of weapons with which he had givenMcLeery a terrible wound across the head. When Jackson asked to remove his bobble hat, Evans objected and called it “Good luck”.

During the examination the correction-slip paved the way for Evans' escape. The prison authorities failed to confirm from the examination board about its sanctity. Not only this, they could not detect that Evans impersonating as McLeery became the imposter. McLeery walked out of the prison after the examination and Evans impersonating McLeery stayed in. The Governor nabbed Evans at the Golden Lions Hotel and called for the local police and the van. There the men of Evans' must have been tracking the Governor. They impersonated as prison officer and helped Evans escape. The Governor did not ask for his own official van and officers. Thus we can say that the prison authorities were totally responsibile for the escape of Evans.