The Governor was tensified lest Evans should escape from the prison on his examination day. What precautions were made for his stay in the jail?


How did Evans manage to escape on the examination day?


Evans was a very smart type of prisoner duly imprisoned in the H.M. Oxford Prison. He had no record of violence and used to participate in Christmas concerts. He was good at imitations but he had escaped from the prison three times. So the prison officers called him “Evans the Break”. So he was kept on high and tight security. In the jail, Evans started ‘O’ Level German classes. Now he wanted to appear for the examination.

Keeping in view his previous history, a tight security was alerted in his cell since he had to answer his paper in his room. Stephens was appointed to watch him till the paper was finished. The Governor too himself was much alert and microphone was attached in his room so that every word could be heard by the Governor himself. His room was too thoroughly searched and the objectionable items like the nail scissors and nail file were taken away. The razor blade was also taken away after the shave. Even McLeery was searched and a knife was removed from his suitcase. Despite these precautions, Evans duped the prison officials and escaped.