How did Annan advise his sister Bama regarding untouchability and what was its effect on her?


After returning home, Bama narrated the funniest scene of an elder man holding the package by the strings. She told that the man bowed down and brought snacks to the fellow who just sat there and ate greedily. This made Bama much angry. She thought that they were also human beings like other human beings. She was of the view that they should work, get wages and leave it after that.

Bama's elder brother, Annan was a university student. He had come home for the holidays. He told Bama that they were born into the community of untouchables. They were never given honour, respect, recognition and dignity. He advised her if they worked hard and studied with care, they can go a long way They can shun out all discrimination and other caste inequalities since all are human beings. He encouraged Bama to study hard to gain dignity and friends. His words had a magical effect on her. She stood first in her class and many people became her friends.