Write some of the funny and attractive things that Bama saw on her way home from school. Which funniest thing she enjoyed much?


The house of Bama was not at a far off place from her school and it was hardly a ten minutes walk. But Bama took a long time to reach home from school. Many things attracted her on the way to school and she stopped to watch them. She could stop to see the monkeys performing, snake charmer and a cyclist. She would watch the huge bell hanging at the temple and Pongal offerings at the temple attracted her much. Different things gave her much attractions. She liked some entertainment going on in the way -like a street play, a puppet and a magic show.

She was much fascinated to see a man carrying a package of vadais. He held it by the strings. She thought it strange when the man still acted in a funnier manner. He bowed to the landlord and extended the package towards him.

Instead he cupped his hand holding the strings with his other hand, the landlord took the package and began to eat it. Bama felt like laughing at the silly actions of the man. She went home and narrated the incident to her elder brother Annan.