What did Zitkala Sa do when she came to know that they were going to shingle her hair out? How was she overpowered?

How did Zitkala Sa resist and fight against the injustice done to her?


Describe how Zitkala-Sa tried in vain to save her hair from being cut. Why did she want to save her hair?


Zitkala Sa was an American Indian girl. She was troubled, perturbed and embarrassed in her school since she was quite unknown to the white people's ways. When the dining started, she ran upstairs as her friend Judewin had informed her about the intentions of school authorities to cut the long hair of the students. She decided to struggle hard herself under a bed in a dim room. There the windows were covered with dark green curtains.

She lay huddled in the dark corner. Soon she heard voices calling her names. Women and girls entered the room. The room was filled with light. But she was dragged downstairs and tied fast in a chair. She cried loud and shook her head, forcefully they took the scissors and Zitkala–Sa felt the blades of scissors against her neck. She heard them cut off one of her thick braids. Zitkala Sa lost her spirit and stopped struggling. But none came to console her.