Write down Zitkala Sa’s experience on her first day in the Land of Apples. Why did she feel embarrassed?


How did ‘Eating by Formula’ become a hard trail for Zitkala Sa in school?


Zitkala Sa was a Native American Indian. She was forcibly taken away from home and brought to the Land of Apples. There the things were quite different from what she used to see because she had lived in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. She wore moccasins and wrapped shawl round her shoulders. Here every body had to wear squeaking hard shoes that scraped on the floor. Her shawl was taken away from her. But she was shocked to see the other Native American girls immodestly dressed in tight fitting clothes.

Here she was annoyed by the shattering noises of the breakfast bell and scraping of hard shoes. She was not aware of the eating rituals there. A small bell rang and all pulled out their chairs and Zitkala–Sa did the same but sat down on it. There all were standing. This embarrassed Zitkala–Sa. She tried to rise but there chimed another bell. All sat down. There she heard the voice of a man. She turned herself to see him. She saw everyone bowing their heads on their plates. When the man stopped his mutterings, a third bell rang. All picked up their forks and knives. They started eating. Instead of eating Zitkala Sa felt nervous and cried. This eating by formula was a hard trail for her.