Do you agree that between crime and punishment, it is mainly a battle of wits?


There is no denying the fact that between crime and punishment it is mainly a battle of wits. The police arrests the criminals and the law enforcing agencies fight the cases. On both the sides pleadings go on and in the end punishment is awarded to the criminal. In this one act play there is a battle of wits between the Governor and two police officers on one hand and Evans on the other. Necessary precautionary mesures have been taken for ‘O’ Level German Examination in the cell.

Side by side it has been ensured that Evans should not escape at any cost. In the beginning one can note that the authorities fail to check the identity of McLeery. They pave way for Evans to run away from the cell. It becomes clear when MeLeery is found gagged and bound in his study. In reality Evans impersonated McLeery and stayed inside the cell. He does not come outside. Then ambulance is called to take McLeery to the hospital. The police officials and the Governor fail to check and find out the verasity of the facts. They miss Evans cosidering him as McLeery. Thus in this story there is a battle of wits between the Governor and Evans. Evans has the last laugh as he is mastermind in escaping from the prison while the Governor is just another good-for-a-giggle, gullible Governor.