While we condemn the crime, we are sympathetic to the criminal. Is this the reason why prison staff often develop a soft corner for those in custody?


Yes, it is true that the prison staff often develop a soft corner in their hearts for the criminals in custody. Those who are hard core criminals can never have sympathy of any one. But those who are petty criminals with good nature become friendly with the prison staff as is the case of Evans. He was not violent and was a jolly chap. Although he had tried to escape many times, still he was able to earn some sympathy in the hearts of the Governor and the prison officers. It was just because of this soft corner that the Governor recommended for conducting his O-level exams.

It is also correct that we hate the sin but develop sympathy towards the sinner. It is a human tendency and nobody is perfect as well as untouched from this. Prior to the examination, Jackson asks Evans to take his hat off but Evans does not remove and calls it is a good luck for him. In case he has taken it off, there has been a different story. But the police official takes a lenient view and that is why criminal Evans takes his full advantage. Prior to this the room of Evans is thoroughly checked and unwanted material is taken away but one surprises how there remained objectionable material in his room and the same turned the tables. Thus the prison staff often develops soft comer for those who are in custody.