Bama's experience is that of a victim of the caste-system. What kind of discrimination does Zitkala-Sa's experience depict ? What are their responses to their respective situations?


Bama's experience is based on the evil ridden caste-system in India where the poor are exploited and the low caste people are forced to face the racial discriminations by the hands of the upper class people. The girl is deeply shocked, troubled, tensed and provoked on seeing untouchability by the people of high caste. The people of low caste bow and work for their masters. They have to carry a food packet by the thread without touching it. Her brother Annan inspires and advises her to work hard to attain quality. She acts upon his advice and people start coming to her of their own accord.

The other woman Zitkala–Sa faces humiliation and discrimination through the whites since they force her to follow their own culture, tradition and rituals, etc. She is overpowered to shingle out her hair. She severely resists and wants to maintain the dignity of her community But she is made a little animal driven by a herder. This is a very shamless act of racial discrimination. Thus both the women Bama and Zitkala–Sa highlight the exploitation of racial discrimination, untouchability and oppression of marginalised communities. They fight and raise their voice against this social evil and get triumph.