Write the parts of stomach of man and explain them.

Stomach : It is J shaped and present on the left side at anterior end of abdominal cavity posterior to diaphragm.

The stomach has four parts :

(1) Cardiac stomach : It is proximal part. The opening of oesophagus into cardiac stomach is guarded by cardiac sphincter which prevents the regurgitation of food. 

Write the parts of stomach of man and explain them.

Section of the stomach

(2) Fundus : It extends above cardiac aperture and is filled with air. The part of cardiac stomach which extends towards anterior end above level of cardiac aperture is called fundus.

(3) Body : It is the middle large part of the stomach.

(4) Pyloric stomach : It is the distal narrowest part of stomach which opens into duodenum. Its opening is guarded by pyloric sphincter which permits the passage of fine-food particles into duodenum.

Functions :

1. Food is temporarily stored in stomach for about 4 - 5 hours.

2. The digestion occurs in the stomach and only proteins are digested.

3. Churning of food occurs in the stomach.