Describe digestion of proteins.

Digestion of proteins :

Proteins do not get any justice in buccal cavity. The digestion pf proteins takes place in the stomach . The gastric juice has HCl, propepsin, prorennin and weak gastric lipase. The HCl converts the enzyme pepsinogen into pepsin. The pepsin is an proteolitic enzyme which converts proteins to peptones converts casein of milk into paracasein.

In duodenum :The pancreatic juice has many enzymes like trypsinogen, amylases, lipases, chymotrypsinogen, procarboxypeptidase and nucleases..

Functions of Trypsin and Chymotrypsin :

1. Converts proteins to peptides.

2. Trypsin acts on keratin present in exoskeleton and converts that to peptones.

Functions of carboxy-peptides : It separates amino acids present adjacent to carboxylic acid group in peptides.

Digestion of proteins in jejunum-ileum :  The intestinal juice contains following protein digesting enzyme.

Aminopeptidase : It separates amino acids adjacent to amino group.

Describe digestion of proteins.

Dipeptidase converts dipeptides to amino acids.