Distinguish between the following :
(c) Glycolysis and citric acid cycle.


Citric acid cycle or Krebs’ cycle

1. It occurs in cytoplasm.

2. It is a straight pathway.

3. Glycolysis is the first step of respiration.

4. In glycolysis glucose is broken down to pyruvate.

5. It occurs in aerobic and anaerobic modes of respiration.

6.  It degades a molecule of glucose into two molecules of an organic substance, 

7. The net gain of energy is equal to 8 ATP.

8. No carbon dioxide is evolved in glycolysis.

9. It is not connected with oxidative phosphorylation 

1. it occurs  inside mitochondria.

2. It is a cyclic pathway.

3. Citric cycle is the second step in respiration.

4. In this, acetyl group is broken down completely.

5. It occurs only in aerobic respiration.

6. It degrades acetyl CoA completely into C02+ H20.

7. The net gain of energy is equal to 24 molecules of ATP.

8. Carbon dioxide is evolved in citric acid cycle.

9. Citric acid cycle is connected with oxidative phosphorylation.