Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Prokaryotic cells

Eukaryotic cells

1. They have no nuclear membrane. Thus well defined nucleus is absent. They have nucleoid.

2. Nucleolus is absent.

3. They have one chromosome.

4. No histone protein around DNA.

5. Ribosomes are of 70S.

7. No streaming movement of cytoplasm.

8. E.R. is absent.

9. Mitochondria is absent.

10. Golgi apparatus is absent.

11. Lysosomes are absent.

12. Respiratory enzymes are attached at innerside of plasmalemma.

13. Mesosomes may be present.


1. They have well defined nucleus bounded by double nuclear membrane.

2. Nucleolus is present.

3. They have a number of chromosomes.

4. Histone protein is present around DNA.

5. Ribosomes are of 80S.

7. Cytoplasm exhibits streaming movements.

8. E.R. is present.

9. Mitochondria is present.

10. Golgi apparatus is present.

11. Lysosomes are present.

12. Respiratory enzymes are present in mitochondria.

13. Mesosomes are absent.