Describe Meiosis II or Homotypic division.
Meiosis II is very similar to mitosis. It has the following stages which are -:

1. Prophase II. It occurs immediately after cytokinesis of meiosis I. The nuclear membrane disaapars and chromosomes become compact.

2. Metaphase II. The chromosomes arrange themselves on the equator. Each chromosome is attached to the spindle fibres of opposite poles by its centromeres. The spindle microtubules from the opposite poles attach to the kinetochores of sister chromatids.

3. Anaphase II. The centromere of each chromosome divides into two sister chromatids. Thus two chromatids of each chromosome move towards opposite poles. 

4. Telophase II. The group of young chromosomes at each pole arranges itself into a daughter nucleus. The nuclear membrane is formed. Nucleoli appear and spindles disappear. takes place resulting in the formation of four daughter cells.