Moneyplus Company issued for public subscription 75,000 shares of the value of Rs 10 each at a discount of 10% payable as follows:
Rs 2 per share on application, Rs 3 per share on allotment and Rs 4 per share on call.
The company received applications for 1,50,000 shares. The allotment was done as under:
(a) Applicants of 15,000 shares were allotted 5,000 shares.
(b) Applicants of 70,000 shares were allotted 40,000 shares.
(c) Remaining applicants were allotted 30,000 shares.
Money in excess to allotment was returned. Hari, a shareholder who had applied for 3,500 shares out of group B failed to pay allotment and call money. Rohan, a shareholder who was allotted 3,000 shares paid the call money along with the allotment. Rohan also belonged to group B.
Pass necessary journal entries to record the above transactions in the books of the company. Show your working notes clearly.