Ownclasses is the online learning Platform who serve quality education. We believe that education should not be limited to only classrooms.It should not be one-time event but a lifelong and fruit full experience. We think learning should not be time bounded and place specific. Our motto is to provide a space for people to explore education and learning anytime and anywhere.

We ensure that students must be self -reliance by having their ownclasses. Our endeavour is to create a platform for people in the acaedmic world . The objective of ownclasses is to redefine the appropriate approaches of learning. Ownclasses is a website where people will find all the soluton of their questions as well their doubt.

The site is offered by the three young people as a free channel to those who cannot afford quality educaion. Access to the site is free and open to all way. We paid for advertising, editorial links and also involve sponsorship or payment.

India's literacy rate is at 74.04% and ownclasses is here to fill that 25% gap to make India 100 literate.Ownclasses also believe in empowerment to girls education.Our mission is to bring afforadable acessible and highly effiective and engaing higher educaiton to the India. We believe that quality education is the basic human right.